Updated 8/8/2017

Watch Proceeding Number Type Parties Last Action Last Date
Login to Watch 79144955 Ex Parte Appeal Blohm Jung GmbH REQ FOR RECON 5/22/2015
Login to Watch 79157017 Ex Parte Appeal Fowles Wine Pty Ltd SUBMITTED ON BRIEF 2/21/2017
Login to Watch 79164603 Ex Parte Appeal Oike & Co., Ltd. INSTITUTED 8/7/2017
Login to Watch 79165769 Ex Parte Appeal Pontet Allano Et Associes Selarl De Conseils En Propriete Industrielle MEMO FORWARDING REPLY BRIEF 8/9/2016
Login to Watch 79168620 Ex Parte Appeal Chemrez Technologies, Inc. BD DECISION: AFFIRMED 1/2/2017
Login to Watch 79179956 Ex Parte Appeal NUTRI Co., Ltd. REQ FOR RECON 2/22/2017
Login to Watch 79181768 Ex Parte Appeal Phosphagenics Limited RECON DENIED 7/26/2017
Login to Watch 79182223 Extensions of Time to Oppose Sensaras LLCSensara B.V. EXTENSION OF TIME GRANTED 5/18/2017
Login to Watch 79186129 Ex Parte Appeal Westland Kaasspecialiteiten B.V. REQ FOR RECON 5/15/2017
Login to Watch 79186314 Ex Parte Appeal Interoute Communications Limited TERMINATED 8/8/2017
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