Updated 6/14/2017

Watch Proceeding Number Type Parties Last Action Last Date
Login to Watch 76717725 Extensions of Time to Oppose Disney Enterprises, Inc.Me and the Mouse Travel, LLC EXT GRANTED 6/13/2017
Login to Watch 76717725 Ex Parte Appeal Me and the Mouse Travel, LLC TERMINATED 4/21/2017
Login to Watch 79148196 Ex Parte Appeal BELL TEA & COFFEE COMPANY LIMITED BD DECISION: AFFIRMED 6/17/2016
Login to Watch 79161497 Ex Parte Appeal Viva Wallet Holdings - Software Development S.A. SUSPENDED 5/23/2016
Login to Watch 79168750 Extensions of Time to Oppose Lokring Technology, LLCBLUE SOLUTIONS EXTENSION OF TIME GRANTED 6/14/2017
Login to Watch 79168751 Extensions of Time to Oppose Duke UniversityBolloré EXTENSION OF TIME GRANTED 5/31/2017
Login to Watch 79171231 Ex Parte Appeal De Beers Intangibles Limited INSTITUTED 6/14/2017
Login to Watch 79174347 Extensions of Time to Oppose RUWIDO Austria G.m.b.H.3D Elements GmbH EXTENSION OF TIME GRANTED 2/28/2017
Login to Watch 79179921 Ex Parte Appeal Minoryx Therapeutics, S.L. PROCEEDINGS RESUMED 3/1/2017
Login to Watch 79186137 Ex Parte Appeal MAPEI SPA REQ FOR RECON 5/25/2017
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