Updated 6/13/2017

Watch Proceeding Number Type Parties Last Action Last Date
Login to Watch 79173024 Ex Parte Appeal Yara International ASA TERMINATED 6/13/2017
Login to Watch 79173180 Ex Parte Appeal Santapark Oy BRIEF DUE 11/7/2016
Login to Watch 79173385 Extensions of Time to Oppose Omega SA (Omega AG) (Omega Ltd.)Fireproof Studios Ltd EXT GRANTED 6/5/2017
Login to Watch 79176727 Ex Parte Appeal Lonely Hearts Club Limited PROCEEDINGS RESUMED 11/17/2016
Login to Watch 79180253 Extensions of Time to Oppose Rangers Baseball LLCDeutsche Telekom AG EXT GRANTED 6/13/2017
Login to Watch 79185178 Ex Parte Appeal Sergio Francisco Carrascosa Viade PROCEEDINGS RESUMED 6/12/2017
Login to Watch 79185372 Ex Parte Appeal JT International S.A. REQ FOR RECON 5/30/2017
Login to Watch 79202824 Extensions of Time to Oppose Kiko S.p.A.FAB NZ Limited EXT GRANTED 6/12/2017
Login to Watch 85708184 Ex Parte Appeal Foundaton AMURT (Schweiz) JURISDICTION RESTORED / REMANDED TO EXAMINER 1/17/2014
Login to Watch 86023464 Ex Parte Appeal Start-Up Nation Holdings Ltd. BD DECISION: DISMISSED 2/21/2017
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