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About Surf the Board

Hosted by the law firm of Stokes Lawrence, TTAB Surf the Board was created with only one mission: to provide trademark professionals worldwide with a user-friendly searchable database of case files from the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB).

The information in our database is synchronized nightly with the official USPTO records. Using TTAB Surf the Board, you can search for case information, and find the current status and history of any TTAB case. You can also search the full text of documents filed with the TTAB. These documents include Board orders, motions, pleadings, and evidentiary submissions. Please note, our service cannot search PDF documents submitted as exhibits to TTAB proceedings.

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If you register as a member of TTAB Surf the Board1, you can subscribe to our watch list service. You can create a custom "watch list," of specific cases. Each day you will receive updates about those cases. You can find TTAB information publicly available and in a different format at www.uspto.gov.

1We do not share information with other companies and we do not sell user information.

About the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

The U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board is the body within the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (the USPTO) responsible for hearing and deciding cases involving trademarks. The cases include appeals from decisions by USPTO Examiners denying registration of a trademark. Such challenges to registration are initially considered by trained Trademark Examiners, whose conclusions may be appealed to the TTAB. The TTAB is also responsible for hearing certain kinds of inter partes proceedings, including oppositions to registration, cancellation proceedings against registered marks, and concurrent use proceedings filed by third-parties against a trademark application or existing trademark registration. TTAB panels rule on hundreds of claims each year asserting that terms claimed to be trademarks should not be registered because they are not functioning as trademarks, are generic, disparaging, descriptive, misdescriptive, geographically misdescriptive, merely decorative, or confusingly similar to a pre-existing mark. Decisions of the TTAB may, in turn, be appealed to a U.S. District Court or the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

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